Suicide Squad-Movie review

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Suicide of Squad it is a strange movie, and not only because it has to do with a group of maniacal supervillains based on the universe of DC Comic. The movie of for itself is a strange miscellany of different tones, histories and plot that in its result is provided with some brilliant individual elements, but in fact it does not work very well like the sum of everything.

Written and directed for David Ayer, Fake the suicide of Squad it continues the history of how Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) creates a team of villains so that they help to the world in a very dangerous mission. It sounds like a quite simple plot, but I dress from the point of view of a good narrative, it is everything opposite. He imagines if Marvel had done The Avengers rather than any other movie, since it would have had to present Thor, Iron Man and all the personages individually in the plot

And this is what happens here. What means that before they could do any thing, I Faked the suicide of Squad has to present almost a dozen of personages and do that you are interested by them. The first third of the movie is exactly that, minutes with histories of the personages’ origin, villains’ presentations and more. What I surprised is that although it is something excessive he feels promising. Yes, certainly it was seeming to be slightly monotonous and he feels as if the history was not advancing between so many presentations, but also it is an act that has energy. To what I refer the fact is that, after seeing this, you will want to know what is what happens in the movie later

Unfortunately, once the team begins its mission, Fake the suicide of Squad it begins to be derailed. Its target is incredibly ambiguous, and it becomes even more strange as the narrative advances, for at the end of the movie to collapse when they do the big revelation. Also, the relatively coherent and entertaining tone of the first act of the movie changes drastic form (for evil) in the second act, which not only is different in tone but it looks like a movie of war more than any other thing. The personages happen between 20 and 30 minutes walking over there while they risk in shootings. If I Faked the suicide of Squad it was simply an action movie, this would be well, but let’s remember that these personages are villains and some of they have superpowers. That’s why to see them shooting its weapon in fact is not so exciting

Of certain way the movie is an exact reflex of the team: a heap of parts and interesting elements that would work much better being alone that accompanied. For example, the main personage of the movie is Deadshot de Will Smith; she is the first person that we meet in the movie and the personage of that they count more history. And it is a quite strong history, but also it is predominant if we compare it with the history of almost any other personage. Sometimes even it seemed that the movie should be called “Deadshot and six others”, instead of Suicide Squad

The most important second role is that of Harley Quinn, interpreted by Margot Robbie, who in fact is the exception that confirms the rule. This largely thanks to the talent and the impeccable performance of Robbie, on having given life to this personage, becomes unpredictable and when we see her amusing himself, the public also will amuse himself. She contributes something whenever she is on screen, and when she is on screen it is the best thing that can happen to Suicide Squad. But she comes from the hand of the Joker, and he has its own problems. East is such an important and emblematic villain who makes very strange to us that he feels so secondary in the movie. There is no impressive or big scene with the Joker to astonish us. Its occasional appearances diminish it to the point with which its role in the movie will be equipped to that of the least important personages in the team, and this will do that you even go so far as to wish it not to be in the movie.

As for the rest of the team, Devil (Jay Hernandez) it is the one that obtains more time on screen, followed by Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) and Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje). But in comparison to Deadshot and Harley Quinn these are secondary personages. The result is that you will be able only to feel one of two things for them on having seen the movie: they will matter for you whenever they say or do something that allows to advance the history, or you will not be interested in in the absolute thing when they do not contribute anything to the plot, and it spends the above mentioned very followed. This is translated in that most of the personages of the movie might disappear and is going for nobody to matter.

And finally we have the Glamorous interpreted by Cara Delevingne. She also turns out to be great in the movie and he is one of the main villains. Nevertheless, its history stops very much that to wish, what supposes a big problem in the third act of the movie, when basically quite it relates her. The movie ignores it almost completely during most of the time, suddenly to center completely on her, and this feels rare.

En un intento de mantener la dinámica entre todos estos elementos, el director David Ayer utiliza un montón de canciones pop famosas en la película. Demasiadas canciones pop, si somos sinceros. Desde The Animals a Kanye West, y de Eminem a The White Stripes. Es agradable escuchar estas canciones, pero en casi todas las ocasiones donde las usa el director las han elegido para representar algo en específico. Por ejemplo, la famosa “Seven Nation Army” suena cuando el equipo se convierte en un ejército. Cada canción es una maravilla por sí sola, pero cuando las pones en conjunto durante la película pueden tener choques sin sentido una con otra